In light of recent events, there are some specific tools and devices that will be instrumental in the economy reopening in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. One such device is the contactless infrared thermometer which acts to quickly and efficiently in screening and monitoring any group or organization. Ideal for both education and business environments, the thermometer utilizes infrared reading technology to quickly gauge the external temperature of every individual that enters a building or location. Simply point the device at the forehead of the desired person and the infrared laser provides an external temperature reading for quickly gauging whether a person is experiencing high fevers. The infrared thermometer has two modes, one being the human mode, and the other operating as a normal surface temperature reader. In the human temperature mode, the backlit display collar remains green for temperatures falling within the normal body temperature range. For mild fevers, the device displays the reading in yellow and for severe temperatures, the devices turn red and sound a distinctive alarm. The simple to use interface is ideal for quickly monitoring large groups of people. In a school setting, if every teacher were to be equipped with such a device, the spread of COVID-19 could be greatly mitigated through reliable screening and protection.

The threshold at which the alarm sounds can also be altered depending on the severity of fever looking to be detected. The thermometer display also has a Fahrenheit and Celsius setting making it a universal solution. Bear in mind the reading that the technology presents is only a surface temperature, not an internal one, meaning that a fever must already be present in order to be detected. Even so, for high quantities of people within a given space, it provides an extra layer of protection and estimation in tracking the overall health of many students or employees. We offer high volume purchasing specifically for the purpose of providing many individuals within an organization the ability to perform routine temperature checks.

 How Does It Work?

A contactless temperature scanner relies on the infrared energy that is emitted from all surfaces and objects as part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Being outside of the visible human spectrum, a laser scanner relies on these rays to provide a reading in seconds, or in some cases, only a fraction of a second. Emissivity is the principal on which the technology is founded. Emissivity is the measure of efficiency in which a surface emits thermal energy – what the infrared thermometer does is focus the light that is reflecting from an object and funnels it into a detector known as a thermopile. The thermopile is a device that converts the thermal energy into heat which is then converted to electrical energy which allows the reading to be displayed on the temperature gun’s monitor. Thermopiles are usually connected in a series and work in tandem to measure a temperature differential at each connective junction point until it reaches the output voltage reader. The closed internal circuit is comprised of multiple types of metal creating a thermal difference between each junction point generating a current between warmer and cooler joints.

Device Specifications & Limitations

A contactless infrared temperature gun should be used at a distance of 3-5cm or 1-2 inches away from the test subject for the best results. The human mode display ranges from readings of 34.8°C to 42.5°C or 94.64°F to 108.5°F while the object mode can be used for a number of other use cases including refrigerator temperature readings and food safety monitoring. The accuracy of all readings falls within a .02 Celsius range making it a highly accurate and fast monitoring solution. The device can store up to 32 scans in its previous memory array and enters auto-standby after 20 seconds of discontinued use. It requires only two AA batteries mitigating any necessary charging or hassle other solutions on the market may present. In an environment with an ambient heat source, the reading that the device provides may be influenced by external factors. Regardless of this drawback, through frequent use and repeated testing, a more accurate average can be reached. Not only will infrared thermometer scanners prove to be invaluable in an arsenal of PPE (personal protective equipment) but they may eventually be written into legislation outlining the process of the safe and gradual reopening of the economy and educational sectors.

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